“What if” Questions from Lanita and the Witness Ministry Team

What if …

We created a living archives area by gathering historical pieces of furniture and art that are scattered about the facility and place them together so that they are easily viewed and properly honored?

We had volunteers to bake cookies and others to deliver them along with information about the church to first-time worship visitors?

We began copying the worship services onto CDs and taking them to our homebound folks or people recovering from surgery and illness?

We spruced up and painted the Fellowship Hall before the Bazaar so that the community would see we are a vibrant welcoming congregation?

We trained folks to deliver Holy Communion at the first of the month to our homebound members?

We had children, youth, and adults taking turns to read scripture in worship?

We had a work day at the church and cleaned out closets and store rooms to get ready for an auction?

We created a music room so the bells could be set up for the children and youth to rehearse on Sunday evenings?

These are only a few of the “what if” questions that the Witness ministry team and Lanita have asked recently.  If you would like to be a part of any of these possibilities, please let Lanita know.  Please look around the church with new eyes, with eyes that see what we can become and ask, “what if ?”

Jesus said “For God all things are possible.”  (Matthew 19:26b)


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