Who are We?….Who We Are?

My first Sunday here I spoke of our identity as “The Church on the Square.”  It was an important move for those men and women in 1879 to purchase this corner of the square and to intentionally bring the physical representation of Christ to the historically commercial district.  We have intentionally stayed here on the square for many years as our community has changed.

As I hear the excitement and possibilities for ministry in your conversations and discussions, I am very much aware that you are alive with God’s presence here in this place and that you want to be involved in where He is leading us.  If we think about this corner of the square as an “epi-center” for God’s work, imagine what we might be able to do!  Or think about it like this:

The church on the square:
Where God is transforming the world

as we  become and make 
disciples of Jesus Christ.


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