Sounds on the Square…

Within the course of the day, a variety of sounds are heard here on the square.  The noises that make up the background of each day both invade and amplify the natural rhythm of everyday life for our community.  We are so accustomed to them that at times we do not even hear them.

 Be still and know that I am God.
                           Psalms 46:10

Lately I have been aware of the sounds and silences of our place here on the square.  The sound of the night depository as a local business person bangs the shoot closed stirs my hope that there has been a prosperous day for a local store owner.  The clock striking an hour on the courthouse tower, a place of government and law, renews my hope that God has been a part of the day’s work there.

I hear the sirens of police, fire, ambulance, and rescue as they speed out of their garages.  My prayer is that our officers in service be safe; that whoever has caused pain or injury may respond to the law and justice of officials who daily risk their lives so we might be safe.

And there are moments late in the evening where there is a wondrous hush, a stillness, and it is so evident the God is here, working to transform this corner of the square so that the world might know Him as loving, reconciling, merciful, and gracious.

I invite you, wherever and whenever your pause in the busyness of your day, to listen, to hear God in and around you.



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