“Where Did You See God?”

Early in my ministry I received a phone call from a lady named Peggy, who said, “Lanita, it’s Bob. You need to come.” Bob was a World War II veteran who was on oxygen full time as he suffered from emphysema. He was often angry and his wife, Peggy, was at her wits end with him. I wasn’t certain what I would find when I arrived at their home, but I didn’t expect Bob to answer the door. He greeted me and we made our way to the living room. Peggy said, “Well, are you going to tell her?” Bob looked brow-beaten for a moment and then began to tell about his life. At age 12 he drove his mother to mass every day. At 16 he joined the army, having lied about his age. He was with some of the first troops to enter the concentration camps at the turning of the war. He saw the bulldozers still running, ready to push the mounds of dead bodies into mass graves. He said, “How could God allow that to happen?” My response was, “War is what we humans do to one another.” He thought for a minute. Then I asked, “Think back, where did you see God?” Peggy had wanted me to “fix” Bob, but over the course of the next several months, Bob began to tell about near misses in foxholes, of buddies who saved him from mistakes, of other times when he knew he should have been injured or killed, but wasn’t. We talked about other times in his life when he felt God’s presence. His anger turned to peace. Bob found reconciliation with his life, his family, and the God of love and grace.

Where have you seen God? Each day, we encounter God in some way, or others have the chance of encountering God in and through us. Do we look? Do we allow others to see?



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