The Endless Joy of Parenting!(?)

More often than not we might wonder if anything we do is right when it comes to parenting. In the hustle and bustle of work, school, ball games, and dance lessons, we meet ourselves coming and going, hoping that we are making good and wise decisions for our families and our children. It is only in looking back that we can catch glimpses of brilliance in our skills of parenting—of knowing that something, somehow got through and it was right!

As a mother, I know there are more things I do wrong, than right in raising William and Lea.
But there are a couple of things I have done well: they both know how to do their own laundry; how to wash dishes; and how to pick up after themselves. They know that they have my unconditional love and that I am proud of them for who they are (not for what
they accomplish). And they know the God of love and grace watches over them each day.

Nothing is so important as a child (no matter how old or how young) hearing their parent
tell them that they are loved and valued. God tries to show us each day how much he loves
us—did you hear him whisper in the wind or see him smile in the sunlight? I hope so.

~ Lanita


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