Dare to Dream because We Believe and We Trust…

This past Sunday during our Children’s Time, I shared a story about a cactus who found himself loved and valued once he was trusted for what he was truly like inside, not for what he looked like on the outside. A jack rabbit found shelter and protection when he stay near the cactus; a bird found something to drink and a place to nest. The cactus found friends who trusted more than what they saw or heard about the prickly plant. Organized religion and the corporate church has sometimes been viewed like the prickly, unfriendly, lonely cactus plant. Throughout history there have even been times when The Church has been very hurtful to people. Here on the square, we have a wonderful legacy of being in ministry with those around us. And so this month as we look at who we are, we will also see how we might rededicate ourselves to being God’s church, trusting that we follow the One who calls each of us to offer shelter to others and a cup of cold water to the thirsty. ~ Lanita


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