The Church Re-Envisioned

An important part of our Lenten journey is wandering in the wilderness, getting lost enough so that all that is left is trusting in God. Helping a church to change its culture is a little bit like wandering in a wilderness. It can feel frightening at times, yet never lonely. There is always someone to tell me I have done something wrong, made a mistake, or taken a wrong turn. And I’m still just crazy enough to trust that God is in charge and I’m leading us all where He is calling us.

I “dare to dream” God has re-envisioned a future for us. So I thank you for the 52 Ministry Surveys which were returned this past Sunday. They represent wonderful and positive ways you are willing to be the church God is calling us to be, in and for this community. You have signed up to help prepare meals for families in grief, to play games with children in the after school program, to sponsor and/or distribute “bags of grace” for the homeless, and to collect and distribute clothing for children. That is something tremendous to celebrate!

Also, thank you for the 35 Estimate of Giving cards representing $246,464 of the $517,195 expected budget for 2015. I encourage you to return your Estimate of Giving card to the church by March 15.

God has placed us here to be representatives of his love and grace to others for the future. Wandering in the wilderness not standing still or turning around and going back, it is always moving forward. The ways you have chosen to be in mission and ministry offer a foundation for the re-envisioned church God is calling us to be. Thank you for faithfulness.
~ Lanita


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