Dare to Dream

Back in January we began the process of inviting folks to “Dare to dream” what and who we are to be as God’s church in this place. As we have walked through these months, we have intentionally sought God’s leading for who and how we are to be in ministry.

We began with a study of forgiveness – realizing we need to forgive one another and ourselves for our failings so that we can be whole persons leading lives that offer healing to others.

We are now at a turning point – a place where dreams become reality. It is abundantly clear this church has a heart for children. We began the after school program with the housing authority, collected underwear and clothes for school children, and prayed for Juvenal court. It is my prayer that as we go through the summer we will grow in our relationships with children throughout the county, reaching out through Vacation Bible School, events on the Square, and other outreach projects. Forming relationships with others is key to being in ministry WITH, rather than simply “for” someone.

It is my belief that when Jesus said, “Let the children come to me.” He didn’t mean only the children who lived in certain areas of town, or were born to married parents, or went to the same synagogue. Jesus was about offering children a place where they were valued and loved simply because they were children. It is what we all need, especially children. Our church can offer that to each other and to others.
~ Lanita


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